Kenyan woman dies jumping from a window during unannounced terror drill

Paramedics assist a woman injured during the security exercise at Strathmore University. Several students were injured, and one woman was killed. (REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya)

An unannounced terror drill at Strathmore University in Kenya went horribly wrong, resulting in the death of a young woman and injuring 30 others. The vast majority of staff and students were unaware of the planned simulation, which caused a panic after apparent gunmen started firing blanks into the air without warning. According to witnesses, this caused a stampede, with people running away from their campus or even jumping from windows, suffering broken legs. One staff member, 33-year-old Esther Kidambi, who worked in the catering department, did not survive her jump from a third floor window. According to a tutor, many of the students were under the impression they were being attacked by al-Shabaab militants, as happened at Garissa University earlier this year. A spokeswoman for the university said the drill was intended to test “the preparedness of the university community and emergency team in the event of an attack.” She added: “Unfortunately some students and staff panicked and got injured… We have started an intensive assessment of key lessons learnt during this simulation. We will reveal these to the necessary authorities.”

Read the full story at The Independent.

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