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Chris Christie’s fears over “women and children” fueling opposition to accepting Syrian refugees

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New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has experienced a bit of a surge lately as he attempts to breathe life into a campaign that has largely been on life-support for months. Over the weekend, Christie picked up a significant endorsement from an influential New Hampshire newspaper. And he’s been making more frequent appearances on news shows where he’s discussed his strong opposition to the U.S. accepting refugees from Syria. During a Wednesday morning appearance on Good Morning America, Christie told George Stephanopoulos that his concerns over allowing refugees to enter the U.S., are in part, due to the threat women and children pose.

“Listen, George, we have seen women and children play roles in terrorist attacks before,” Christie said on GMA. “The fact is, we can all play to the U.N. crowd and say we want to get applause from those folks around the world — I’m worried about the homeland here, and the American people are worried about their safety and security.” Christie went on to say that he’s leery of the vetting process used to screen refugees coming from Syria and other parts of the Middle East. He’s even written a letter to President Obama imploring him to discontinue the program that resettles Syrian refugees in the U.S. Despite his efforts, though, a refugee family of seven from Syria was just settled in New Jersey earlier this week. And Christie’s rhetoric on the issue has reportedly left Muslims in New Jersey, who once viewed Christie as an unlikely ally, feeling betrayed.

A new Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday showed that while Christie may be experiencing a resurgence in New Hampshire, nationally he tallied just two percent of support among Republican voters who were surveyed.

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