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Prosecutor says a juror fell in love with Jodi Arias during her murder trial

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Never mind that the subject matter was a brutal murder, love was in the air at the trial of Jodi Arias, according to the lawyer who prosecuted the case and one of the alternate jurors who served on it. In a new book, Juan Martinez pulls back the curtain on “putting Jodi Arias behind bars” and writes of a juror who fell in love with Arias as the sensational trial unfolded in an Arizona courtroom. Martinez stopped short of naming which juror developed the secret crush on Arias, but The New York Post spoke to an alternate juror on the case, and she pointed the finger at the jury’s 71-year-old foreman, Bill Zervakos, whom she recalled was a self-described “womanizer.” Tara Harris Kelley, 32, recounted an occasion on which the two lunched together and said, “He thought she was young and attractive and he didn’t see how somebody that young and attractive could kill anybody.” Plus, she added, he often shot Arias flirtatious glances in the courtroom. “Whenever we had to go to the principal’s office, as I called the judge’s chambers, he would make eye contact with her, going in and coming out. The rest of us didn’t even want to look at Jody,” she told the Post. Zervakos dismissed the claims as “ridiculous,” telling the Post, “I’m 71 years old, for God’s sake, I’m not going to have a crush on her or anybody. Of course not.”

Arias was convicted in 2013 of murdering her 30-year-old ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Prosecutors said she stabbed and shot Alexander in a jealous rage. She is currently serving a life sentence after two juries were unable to agree on the death penalty as punishment. Interestingly, Zervakos was one of the jurors who opposed capital punishment for Arias.

Read the full story at The New York Post.


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