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Helen Mirren worried her husband might never “f**k her again” after she played QEII

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“I have to tell you a story about f**king the queen.” With that profane opening line, Helen Mirren grabbed everyone’s attention at Monday night’s Gotham Awards ceremony in New York City, where she was accepting a career tribute award. She went on to tell the story of how her husband responded when he first saw her in her role as Queen Elizabeth II, at the premiere of Stephen Frears’ 2006 film The Queen. “In the first scene, I’m in the full regalia, and I turn and look at the camera and there’s silence in the cinema. And my husband lets out this huge laugh. So I lean over to him and say, ‘Darling, do you think you’ll ever f**k me again?” she told the audience, finishing the onlookers with the cheeky aside: “Between you and me, he has.” Her hilarious speech also included a quick jab at Donald Trump. When praising the writers who have been central to her career, she mused on the power of words which can convey “everything from love to hate to kindness to stupidity” — only to pause at stupidity to mutter “Donald Trump.” On a more serious note, she also reflected on the issue of censorship, urging her audience to support Ashraf Fayadh, the Saudi Arabian poet who was recently sentenced to death. “Let us love our writers and their courage, and stand behind them whenever they’re threatened with any chickens**t censorship,” she said.

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