“Greatest birthday gift”

Chrissy Teigen gets in Twitter spat with Donald Trump

Donald Trump can now also add supermodel Chrissy Teigen to his ever-expanding list of “women he has beef with.” After the Republican presidential hopeful tweeted that he would be meeting with a “large group of African American Pastors”, while also insisting that it was “not a press event”, a bemused Teigen responded: “so don’t tweet about it you tw*t”. Trump didn’t respond directly to this call-out, but retweeted a dig from one of his supporters who called Teigen a “trashy gutter mouth woman” who can’t “hold a candle” to Trump’s wife, Melania. The model, who was celebrating her 30th birthday called the insult “the greatest birthday gift ever” and slyly came to Melania Trump’s defense, tweeting “Poor Melania doesn’t need to be dragged into this. She goes through enough already.”

Teigen generally doesn’t shy away from a little social media controversy. Just a few days ago, she responded to the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting by tweeting, “every time sh*t like this happens, John and I immediately make another donation to Planned Parenthood,” and calling out the “ignorant” pro-life supporters who hurled online abuse at her.

Read the full story at The Independent.


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