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NYC church where ‘miracle’ baby was found in manger wants to name him Emmanuel


Parishioners at a New York City Catholic church where an infant was left in a Nativity scene manger just hours after being born are trying to decide on a name for the baby. Emmanuel has so far been the most popular name for the 1-week-old boy, followed by Jose, the name of the janitor who heard the baby crying after returning from his lunch break. The infant was swaddled in purple towels and still had his umbilical cord attached. Authorities said they found the infant’s mother, but would not charge her. New York State has an Abandoned Infant Protection Act that allows parents to surrender a newborn baby within 30 days of birth, as long as the baby is left in a suitable location with an appropriate person who is notified. The parishioners and priest of the church told the New York Post they hope the child will find a home with someone in the church community, and at least one family from the church is already trying to legally adopt the boy.

Read the full story at The New York Post.


Newborn baby, swaddled in towel, found in New York City church nativity scene

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