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More women donating to Sanders than to Clinton

Presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during an October debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty Images)

While 60 percent of Hillary Clinton campaign donors are women, as of the last reporting period at the end of September, a greater number of women had given money to Democrat rival Bernie Sanders’s campaign than to Clinton’s. Approximately 300,000 women have donated to Sanders’ campaign, while Clinton has received donations from approximately 240,000 women. Sanders’ campaign was quick to chalk up the results to female voters resonating with his campaign.

While this may be true, the numbers are more readily attributable to a grassroots approach that has seen Sanders claim 689,000 individual donors compared to 400,000 for Clinton. That means that female donors account for 44 percent of Sanders contributors and 60 percent of Clinton’s. Clinton tacitly accused Sanders of sexism after the two argued over gun control during the first debate — an accusation Sanders has denied vehemently. Sanders has accused Clinton’s campaign of being funded by Wall Street, a claim she says is refuted by her 60 percent female donor rate. Clinton downplayed her gender in 2008, but seems to have realized that was a mistake. This year, the candidate has made of point of emphasizing to voters that she would be the first woman ever to be president.

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