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“Shark Tank” judge says women need to negotiate salaries more aggressively

(Brian Ach/Getty Images for National Association of Professional Women)

Barbara Corcoran, American businesswoman and judge on reality series “Shark Tank,” says that in her experience many women need to get better at demanding higher salaries, and that poor bargaining may account for much of the gender pay gap. “Women are not good at asking for raises,” said Corcoran. “They devalue themselves and initially don’t price themselves properly, and then, when they do an exceptional job, they want to make people happy more often than they want to take credit.”

Corcoran says that to get the salary one deserves, “You walk in knowing what you’ve done for the business… you cite every little detail. Then you say, “I’d like to get a raise,’ and you name the price… If you’re turned down, a man doesn’t lay low… He’ll say, ‘When could I get a raise?’… [This way] you walk away with a job description that’s going to merit you more money.”

Studies have found that men react more hostilely to aggressive negotiation from women than from men but Corcoran believes that when it comes to negotiation it’s necessary to be aggressive to secure the best deal. And many women, she says, “I don’t think picture themselves in that role.”

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