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Quarter of British men say they get “man periods”

By WITW Staff on November 26, 2015

For centuries, conventional wisdom has dictated that the unpleasantness of premenstrual syndrome is a woman’s private hell. But a British study seems to suggest that this may not, in fact, be the case. The study in question surveyed 2,412 people — half were men, half were women — and found that 26 percent of male respondents said they experience symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. Reported “man period” complaints included increased hunger, irritability, and a “bloated” feeling. Twelve percent of men surveyed confessed that they also are “more sensitive about weight” during their time of the month. Five percent reported experiencing “menstrual cramps.”

“What is going on?” you may well be asking. Well, Dr. Jed Diamond, a specialist in male social patterns, asserts that men also experience fluctuations in hormonal cycles, which can in turn prompt symptoms similar to PMS. “Contrary to what is often assumed, men become violent when their testosterone levels go down,” Diamond writes in his book, The Irritable Male Syndrome, “and whilst we traditionally associate rage with high testosterone, I have found that irritability, depression and withdrawal come with a deficiency of the hormone.”

So what is a woman to do when her significant other gets tetchy during his man cycle? Thirty-nine percent of female respondents said they accommodate their male partner’s man period by “walk[ing] around on eggshells.” Hey, what comes around goes around.

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