Male feminists

Famous men gave mixed replies when asked whether they are feminists

While it’s typical for famous women to be asked whether they’re feminists or not, the question is not so commonly asked of men. New York Magazine asked 15 famous men if they were feminists, receiving a variety of responses. Echoing Susan Sarandon, Zachary Quinto preferred to be called a humanist, saying “with these movements toward equality of all kinds, I feel like I don’t limit it to feminism.” Anthony Mackie called feminism “a very strange concept,” and didn’t feel he could answer. Michael Stuhlbarg felt unsure of what being a feminist meant but said that he was “a huge advocate for women’s rights.” Chuck Schumer said he was a feminist, if in somewhat confusing terms, saying: “Women are as talented, and sometimes more talented than men… When I choose candidates for the DSCC [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee], all things being equal I always prefer a woman candidate because they are better candidates.” Harrison Ford was blunt: “Yeah, because I like women and I respect women,” said the movie star. Salman Rushdie’s response was the least equivocal: “Yes,” he said. “What else is there to be? Everything else is being an asshole.”

Read the full story at New York magazine.

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