Gender equality

Women’s and men’s drinking behaviors are growing more similar

REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

In terms of gender equality, women and men are catching up when it comes to one thing: booze. The gap in how much alcohol men and women drink is becoming narrower as men are drinking slightly less and women are drinking a little bit more than in the past, according to new research. In a study spanning ten years from 2002 to 2012, the National Institutes of Health found that about 48 percent of women now report drinking in the past 30 days while 56 percent of men said the same. Women are also now consuming more per month on average, up from 6.8 days to 7.3 days, while men’s drinking went from 9.9 days to 9.5 days. At the college level, more women and fewer men admit to binge drinking.

There are still some persistent differences in alcohol-related behaviors, however. There was an increase in the number of men who combine marijuana and alcohol, and the study pointed out that men are more likely to be arrested for drinking and driving and to be hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.

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