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Caitlyn Jenner. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)


Transgender protesters shout down Caitlyn Jenner at LGBT event

By WITW Staff on November 25, 2015

A group of transgender advocates protested the appearance of Caitlyn Jenner at a fundraiser in Chicago last week where she was asked to speak at a lunch for Chicago House, a charity that offers housing and employment assistance for disenfranchised LGBT individuals and HIV/AIDS patients. The protesters were angry that Jenner, who has criticized those who use social services on her TV show I Am Cait, was asked to speak at the charity. The group, which identified itself as “I Ain’t Cait” on Facebook, gathered around Jenner as she left the event and began yelling at her, with one saying, “you are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women,” according to The Mirror and a video posted by the website Showbiz Shelly. Jenner tried to shake their hands and could be heard on video saying that she was “trying to help.”

On her show, Jenner said that she didn’t want people who used social services to become “totally dependent on it.That’s when they get into trouble. ‘Why should I work? You know, I’ve got a few bucks, I’ve got my room paid for.’”

The protesters called Jenner “a clueless rich white woman who thinks disenfranchised trans women of color should just pluck themselves up off the street and stop being so lazy.” Jenner was also criticized last week by Rose McGowan and Bette Midler over her views.

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“You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to become a woman — don’t be a stupid one”