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Muslim woman thanks train passengers who defended her from hate speech

Ruhi Rahman. (Facebook)

A British woman has extended a message of thanks to the train passengers who defended her in the face of a stranger’s Islamophobic remarks. In a Facebook post, 23-year-old Ruhi Rahman explained that she was riding the Tyne and Wear Metro with her sister when a man began making threatening comments like, “Get out of this seat now this is my country,” and “Your [sic] bombing different countries and don’t deserve to be here.” Rahman said that the woman sitting next to her quickly intervened on her behalf, and that other passengers stepped in as well, demanding the aggressor get off the train. “It was so sweet to see how everyone in the metro got the man off and then clapped at the end,” Rahman wrote in her Facebook post. “It really shows me how this world is full of such sweet people and some dogs too … It made me smile and appreciate how lovely they all were.”

Northumbria police are investigating the incident. The Independent reported this week that there have been more than 100 hate crimes perpetrated against British Muslims in the wake of the Paris attacks. Most victims of the hate crimes have been girls between the ages of 14 and 15.

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