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Anita Datar, American woman killed in Mali terror attack, was global health expert

By WITW Staff on November 23, 2015

The terror attack at a hotel in Mali on Friday that left at least 21 dead claimed the life of one American woman. Anita Datar, 41, lost her life in the hotel siege. Datar, formerly a Peace Corps volunteer, was a global health policy expert and had arrived in Mali a few days before terrorists stormed the hotel in which she was staying. Datar was remembered by friends and family for being “generous” and “brilliant,” and someone who was a “true inspiration.” Indeed, she was in Mali on a humanitarian mission.

She was also the mother of a 7-year-old boy, who was at home in Maryland with Datar’s parents at the time of the attack. In addition to being memorialized on social media by friends and relatives, Datar was also remembered by former secretary of state and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Datar’s ex-husband was a policy adviser to Clinton during her time as a U.S. senator. In a statement, Clinton said, “Anita Datar was a bright light who gave help and hope to people in need around the world, especially women and families … She represented the best of America’s generous spirit.”

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