The climb

Documentary captures first female ascent of Scotland’s notorious Cobbler

Natalie Berry. (Facebook)

A woman’s journey up one of Scotland’s most notoriously difficult climbing routes is the subject of a new film set to premiere at the Kendal Mountain Festival this weekend. Transition, produced by Scottish company Hot Aches, followed Natalie Berry over the course of a year while the competitive indoor climber transitioned to traditional climbing under the mentorship of professional climber Dave Macleod.

Berry scaled Dalriada on The Cobbler in Scotland’s Arrochar Alps, a climb with an overall difficulty rating that is classed as “extremely severe.” The hardest part of Dalriada requires a high degree of skill and Berry, one of the United Kingdom’s top female climbers, made the ascent last month. Her mission was almost halted by injuries to her fingers that she sustained not while training for her daring climb, but while preparing dinner.

Read the full story at the BBC.

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