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Tory MP: End “discrimination against men” by locking up more women

As a means to make men and women more equal, a Conservative MP in the United Kingdom has suggested sending more women to jail. Philip Davies took to Parliament this week to address the “clear discrimination” against men in the justice system. “The facts and figures that I have set out show that there are certainly questions to be answered about how men are treated in the justice system, compared with women,” he said. Davies says men tend to receive longer and more frequent sentences than women for the same degree of crime. Conservative MP Lucy Allan then asked Davie, “Does my honorable friend therefore consider it desirable to have more women in the prison population, to achieve equality?” to which he replied, “Yes, I would like to see more people in prison, but that is a debate for another day. I would certainly like women who commit serious offenses sent to prison in the way that men who commit serious offenses are.”

“Somehow, the fact that hardly any women are in prison in the first place seems to be a problem, because it just is — because they are women. If there is to be true equality, this cannot be allowed to continue,” Davies said. The politician cited figures that show 54 percent of men end up in prison for violent offenses compared to 23 percent of women. The debate, held on International Men’s Day by Davies’ request, then took time to rail into a “radical feminists.”

“I do not believe there is actually an issue between men and women,” he said. “Often, problems are stirred up by those who might be described as militant feminists and the politically correct males who sometimes pander to them.”

Read the full story at The Independent.

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