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Meet Denisse Aranda, NASA’s feminist engineer

Venezuelan-born Denisse Aranda, a top engineer with NASA profiled by Broadly this week, is no stranger to sexism. “It’s probably compounded by the fact that I am an immigrant, and I am young, but … every woman that I’ve seen in engineering always has to be so much better,” she said. Aranda works at NASA’s Langley Beach research center and says that she never had exposure to engineering growing up. “It’s hard to see yourself progress in a field if there are no examples that are kind of paving the path for you,” she said. “Women who are already engineers play a major role because there are girls who are smart, who are curious, but don’t have the opportunity and are intimidating and belittled.” She takes immense pride in her position and work with the organization. “There is not a single thing that you touched this day that we did not influence,” she said. The next big project Aranda is working on involves radiation and airplanes, the video describes.

Now a resident of Virginia Beach, Aranda lives far from her husband, who is deployed in the military working in submarines. In Broadly’s video, she said that she hasn’t seen or talked to him in more than month. In her spare time, she loves to dance and drive fast cars, like her red Corvette, which she said makes her feel like a “badass.”  

Watch the full interview on Broadly.

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