Gender bender

Young boy appears in Barbie ad for the first time

During a series of exchanges between the children in the new Moschino Barbie ad, the boy exclaims, “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!”

For the first time in Barbie’s glittering pink history, a boy has been featured in one of the toy’s marketing campaigns. A new commercial for Moschino Barbie — a limited collection inspired by the Italian fashion house — depicts two girls and one boy playing with the doll. During a series of exchanges between the children, which you may or may not find somewhat obnoxious, the boy exclaims, “Moschino Barbie is so fierce!” and drapes a tiny purse over her harm. Later, when Barbie’s cell phone rings, the little dude cries “It’s for you Moschino Barbie!” and winks at the camera. For what it’s worth, the commercial also promises that Moschino Barbie comes with “fabulosity included.”

The new ad campaign sees Barbie manufacturer Mattel join the ranks of toy providers like Target, which are seeking to collapse gender distinctions of children’s products. It’s a noble effort, and perhaps enough to redeem the commercial’s use of the term “fabulosity.”

Read the full story at Yahoo Parenting.


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