Freck yeah

You can now (temporarily) tattoo freckles on your face

Part of a new wave of bizarre fashion trends, freckle tats are easy to apply. (Facebook/Freck Yourself)

For many people, freckles are a natural consequence of spending time in the sun. But for those suffering from freckle-envy, a new company called Freck Yourself is here with a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the first temporary freckle tattoos. Part of a new wave of bizarre fashion trends, these tats are easy to apply: whereas previous fake freckle products required users to adeptly apply freckles the way one would makeup, Freck Yourself provides sticky stencils that so you can paste prearranged patterns of freckles onto your face. The results last for two days. Those who can’t wait for the Kickstarter can order the kit now for $36 with delivery starting in February.

Read the full story at Metro.


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