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“Darwin hates women”

Kittens and creationism: looking into a Turkish “feminist” cult

November 18, 2015

Broadly’s three-day investigation into the weird world of Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar provides viewers a glimpse at the (heavily-curated) life of Turkey’s “most notorious cult leader.” Oktar got his start in the late 1970s and ‘80s and considers himself and his followers the new face of modern Islam — a clan that includes devout women he calls “kittens” who appear on his television network, A9. In addition to writing over 300 books, he takes credit for introducing his followers to feminism.

“Oppression causes so many problems for their skin and hair,” Oktar is says at the video’s start before his kittens are revealed, all sporting surgically-altered faces, many with bleached blonde hair. Broadly’s correspondent is invited to Oktar’s lavish home, which displays “paleontological evidence that the species did not evolve.” After being heavily made up, she’s invited onto A9, where Oktar and the “kittens” engage in conversation about their beliefs on the misrepresentation of Muslim women. The group adamantly believes that women are superior and Oktar says “perceiving women as a potential threat mechanism is one of the most cruel aspects of traditional orthodox Islam.” That is, of course, before music starts playing and the women begin to dance.

“Here, women are always in front. It’s the best place for a woman to be in the world,” one of the kittens stresses, acknowledging that in America, men and women are still unequal and “many female CEOs earn less than the men.” “Darwin hates women,” another adds.

“To the outside world, their lives seem like a joke, they seem like something that’s an embarrassment, or there for spectacle,” the correspondent says. “But in reality, these are real people and their lives seem to amount to some sort of spectacle for one man, and that’s their cult leader, Adnan Oktar.”

For the flavor of Adnan Oktar’s television program, watch the video below:

Watch the investigation on Broadly.