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Women tech founders trying to ‘disrupt’ sex with new startups

Cindy Gallop started a “real world sex” porn company, aimed at improving real couples’ sex lives. (Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Female entrepreneurs are leading the way in developing a new sector of the tech industry: sex tech, a realm of dating apps, sex toys, games, and other startups focused on women and sex. Cindy Gallop, one such entrepreneur, started a “real world sex” porn company, aimed at showing users what real sex looks like in hopes that it improves real couples’ sex lives. Gallop gained notoriety for a TED Talk on the subject that pushed sex tech into the spotlight. Other success stories include the app Siren, aimed at ending harassment of women on dating sites, and Crave, which offers artistically-designed sex toys.

But many of the women that are launching sex tech companies are facing the same problems by women in traditional tech: a male-dominated industry where it is tough for women founders to raise capital. Startups with a woman as CEO received only 3 percent of total venture capital in 2012 and 2013, according to the Economist.

“The enormous irony is that every single thing that VCs and investors say they want to fund in an entrepreneur, sex tech entrepreneurs have that quadrupled,” Gallop told Mic News. “Every goddamn investor should fund any sex tech entrepreneur with a bootstrapped venture that presents itself, because they have had to go through a shit ton of shit,” she said.

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