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Fatima Elomar leaves court after pleading guilty guilty to criminal charges in Sydney, Australia, for helping her husband, Mohamed Elomar, flee to Syria to join the fight with ISIS. (Twitter/Channel Nine)

"Kids r going to luv it"

Islamic State fighter and wife texted about socks, razors, and Allah

November 17, 2015
The sometimes loving, sometimes mundane text messages between an Islamic State fighter and his wife back in Australia were revealed in court documents this week and show a radicalized combatant asking for help procuring socks, razors, and a watch. Fatima Elomar plead guilty on Monday this week to criminal charges in Sydney, Australia, for helping her husband, Mohamed Elomar, flee to Syria to join the fight with ISIS, according to reports. As part of the criminal case, documents showed text messages sent back and forth between the couple last year, including Mohamed advising Fatima what to bring when she joined him in Raqqa, Syria.

“Babe … socks for me ankle and thick ones,’ Mohamed wrote. “Get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes babe… get the best when you buy things if u need money tell me so I can get mum to send u.”

He also asked for a smartphone charger, a North Face hat, and a black Grizzly waterproof jacket. He sent photos of himself posting with assault rifles and rocket launchers.

“It’s amazing here wallah kids r going to luv it,” he wrote to his wife.
“Yeah I was told wallah that’s one thing I’m afraid for the kids wallah,” she replied.

But the messages also reveal hesitation on Fatima’s part, with her asking him to come back home, which he said he would never do.

‘Babe will you ever consider coming back home,” she wrote.
“no … that’s turning my back on Allah swt.”

Fatima tried to tell her husband that he could come back, particularly after he sustained a bullet wound to his leg, but he refused. She also seemed to grow impatient with him in text messages about whether he actually wanted her and their four young children to join him in Syria.

“I’m serious … do u or do u not want us. I need to know seriously. Don’t regret ur decision bcos I want to go to someone who will actually be happy to see us,” she wrote.

Fatima was arrested trying to board a plane for Malaysia with the couple’s four children en route to meet Mohamed. Four days before the trip, he reminded her to bring anti-dandruff shampoo, cargo pants, and long sleeved shirts without buttons. Police found some of the items stowed in Fatima’s suitcases, along with nearly $10,000 in cash, at Sydney airport, according to the reports. Mohamed is believed to have been killed earlier this year during a US drone strike in Syria.

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