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Taxi TV refuses to run ads for “period-proof” underwear

Screenshot from a Thinx explainer video. (Youtube/Team Thinx)

Thinx, a startup that produces absorbent underpants as a menstruation product, has found itself in a bit of an advertising quagmire. Mikki Agrawal, the company’s co-founder, claimed in late October that Thinx ads had been blocked by the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York (an assertion that the MTA denied in the wake of rampant Twitter fury). Now, Thinx has been blocked from placing ads on taxi TVs.

Thinx’s advertisements feature images of women in underpants and tanks tops, alongside grapefruits that look like vaginas and goopy eggs that nod to the biological purpose of menstruation. A sales representative at Vistar Media, which provides geotargeting and data tracking, told The Cut that the ads had been rejected by a taxi TV company due to fears that they would be “offensive to riders.” Agrawal asserted that public support of Thinx suggests New Yorkers can in fact handle a few suggestive photos of citrus fruits. “I cannot believe it,” she said. “The nerve to actually deny those after the onslaught of negative tweets that the MTA got from thousands of women. It’s absurd.”

Read the full story at The Cut.


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