“Not a surprise”

Bodies of 78 elderly women found in ISIS-linked mass grave

Kurdish Peshmerga show what they say is a mass grave of more than 50 Yazidis killed by ISIL on November 15, 2015 in Sinjar, Iraq. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Two mass graves have been discovered by Kurdish forces in Sinjar, Iraq, a northern town bordering Syria that was controlled by the Islamic State for over a year until last week. Qasim Samir, the Sinjar director of intelligence, told the Associated Press that one of the graves contained the bodies of 78 elderly women. Another grave, located just west of Sinjar, revealed 50 to 60 bodies of men, women and children, but awaits further investigation, as it is believed to be rigged with homemade bombs. “This is not a surprise. In other areas that have been taken back, we have found similar mass graves,” said one Kurdish official speaking to the AP on the condition of anonymity. Sinjar was first captured by the Islamic State in 2014, members of whom killed or captured thousands of people, including Yazidi women and girls forced into sexual slavery.

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