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Science magazine launches YouTube series about female scientists (scorpion hunters included)

Screen shot via Youtube

It’s a sad but true fact that female scientists don’t always get the respect they deserve. Science magazine is striving to change this unfortunate reality with The XX Files, an innovative new YouTube series that profiles female scientists who are working on some seriously fascinating projects. To date, the series has shone a spotlight on a number of prominent women, including dream researchers in Montreal, a scientific illustrator, and “Scorpion hunter”/zoologist Ashlee Rowe, who studies the impact of venom on the nervous system. “There is still a serious underrepresentation of women as scientists in the media,” Sarah Crespi, the supervising producer of The XX Files told the Daily Dot. “The idea was to really bring to light the diverse types of scientific pursuits available out there and showcase that women are doing all of these things.”

Read more at the Daily Dot.

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