Scottish nurse recovers from Ebola for the second time

British nurse Pauline Cafferkey. (UK Pool via Reuters)

A Scottish nurse who became critically ill last month from Ebola — 10 months after recovering from an earlier bout with the deadly virus — has once again overcome the disease.

Pauline Cafferkey, who contracted the virus last year while performing charity work in Sierra Leone, recovered for the first time in January, but was declared critically ill again in October. She was the second person found to have Ebola in Britain.

On Wednesday, Cafferkey was discharged from the Royal Free Hospital in London, declared no longer infectious, and transferred to Glasgow for additional care. It is understood the virus can persist for months in some body tissues, such as the eyes. In Cafferkey’s case, she became critically ill from meningitis triggered by a hidden reservoir of Ebola virus in her nervous system. Dr. Michael Jacobs, who treated Cafferkey at the Royal Free, described the situation as unprecedented. The World Health Organization said she was the only known Ebola survivor to develop meningitis months later.

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