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“Sanctity of life”

GOP lawmaker attempts to stop grad student’s research on restrictive abortion law

By WITW Staff on November 11, 2015

Republican Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer is trying to prevent a graduate student at the University of Missouri from researching the impact of a restrictive abortion law for her dissertation. Schaefer sent a letter to the university chancellor, saying it was breaking the law by allowing the student to study the ramifications of the recently imposed law in Missouri, which asks women to wait 72 hours between the time they seek information about an abortion and when they actually have the procedure. Schaefer, who is chairman of the Missouri senate interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life and candidate for state attorney general, argues that the student’s research is actually a “marketing aid” for Planned Parenthood, using taxpayers dollars. Under Missouri state law, it is illegal to use tax dollars to encourage abortions (that are not necessary to save a woman’s life) but Mary Jo Banken, spokeswoman for M.U. denies that is what the student doing, and added she is not receiving any scholarships or grant money from the university anyway. “As the state’s research, land-grant institution, we must stay committed to the discovery, dissemination, application and preservation of knowledge to support our mission while abiding by state and federal laws,” she said in a statement. “We will continue performing life-saving research in our laboratories while providing the highest quality of educational opportunities to our students.”

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