Feminist filmmaker faces backlash over men’s rights documentary

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Documentarian Cassie Jaye is facing criticism over The Red Pill, an upcoming film that purports to take a “balanced approach” to the Men’s Rights Movement. Jaye identifies as a feminist, but during the process of filmmaking, she began to question long-held ideologies about gender politics. Jaye told the website Breitbart that because of The Red Pill’s sympathetic approach to the controversial Men’s Rights Movement — which has widely been derided as sexist — she struggled to accrue funding for the project. “We weren’t finding executive producers who wanted to take a balanced approach,” Jaye said. “We found people who wanted to make a feminist film.” The filmmaker instead turned to Kickstarter, and successfully raised over $205,000 — more than double her initial goal of $97,000. In spite of the fundraiser’s success, Jaye continues to face a backlash from feminists, perhaps most notably from David Futrelle, who runs the anti-misogyny website We Hunted the Mammoth. “You are making a film about Men’s Rights Activists, funded to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars by Men’s Rights Activists,” Futrelle wrote in an open letter to Jaye. “You are making a film about A Voice for Men funded in part by A Voice for Men. Does that not trouble you at all? It should.”

Read more at The Guardian.

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