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Feminist filmmaker faces backlash over men’s rights documentary

By WITW Staff on November 11, 2015

Documentarian Cassie Jaye is facing criticism over The Red Pill, an upcoming film that purports to take a “balanced approach” to the Men’s Rights Movement. Jaye identifies as a feminist, but during the process of filmmaking, she began to question long-held ideologies about gender politics. Jaye told the website Breitbart that because of The Red Pill’s sympathetic approach to the controversial Men’s Rights Movement — which has widely been derided as sexist — she struggled to accrue funding for the project. “We weren’t finding executive producers who wanted to take a balanced approach,” Jaye said. “We found people who wanted to make a feminist film.” The filmmaker instead turned to Kickstarter, and successfully raised over $205,000 — more than double her initial goal of $97,000. In spite of the fundraiser’s success, Jaye continues to face a backlash from feminists, perhaps most notably from David Futrelle, who runs the anti-misogyny website We Hunted the Mammoth. “You are making a film about Men’s Rights Activists, funded to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars by Men’s Rights Activists,” Futrelle wrote in an open letter to Jaye. “You are making a film about A Voice for Men funded in part by A Voice for Men. Does that not trouble you at all? It should.”

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