Capital offense?

2 women sought for sexual assault after forcible twerking in D.C. is caught on camera

How does twerking become a “capital offense?” When it happens in Washington, D.C., is the precursor to an alleged sexual assault that’s caught, in its entirety, on camera and then goes viral. That unlikely concoction of ingredients is precisely what has unfolded over the last month. Police in the nation’s capital are seeking the public’s help in nabbing two suspects in a bizarre sexual assault case that began off with a surprise twerking episode and then graduated to nearly all manner of groping and fondling. Early last month, a man was standing in line at a convenience store in the nation’s capital waiting to pay the cashier while chatting on his cellphone. One scantily clad woman in line ahead of him suddenly bent over, backed up, made contact with the man’s groin region and began twerking. Seconds later, an alleged accomplice who was dressed in similarly revealing attire and standing a few feet away moved in and began attempting to grab the man’s crotch several times. Throughout the incident, she placed her hands all over his body. He continued to talk on the phone, but as her advances became more determined, he then abruptly ended his conversation. But the woman persisted in making the unwanted advances.

The two women, who police have not identified, are charged with third-degree sexual assault. According to city statute, that includes inappropriate touching and involves actual force, threats putting the person in fear of death, bodily injury or kidnapping. It’s not clear if the man seen in the victim went to police or the storeowner handed the footage over to authorities.

Read the full story at The New York Daily News.

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