3 strong possibilities

What will Michelle Obama do after the White House?

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Michelle Obama has about 14 months left as first lady of the United States. When President Obama’s second term ends in January of 2017, she will have just turned 53 about a week or so earlier, good enough to make her the youngest outgoing first lady since Jackie Kennedy. That reason, along with her background in law and as an executive, has inspired much speculation about what her future beyond the White House holds. Many have suggested that, because her approval ratings exceed those of her husband’s, she should run for political office — an idea she’s enthusiastically dismissed. In an Op-Ed, Washington Post columnist Jena McGregor looked to some of what Obama has said for clues as to what sorts of endeavors she’ll pursue after her husband leaves the White House. Based on some recent remarks from Obama, McGregor has boiled it down to three strong possibilities — all of which are related to work the first lady began during the last seven years. Citing a pledge Obama made during her visit with U.S. troops in Qatar last week, McGregor sees the first lady continuing her efforts to help war veterans long after the Obamas leave the White House. “That’s not just my vow to you as first lady. It’s my vow to you for the rest of my life,” Obama told the soldiers.

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