“Stop machista violence!”

Tens of thousands take to Madrid’s streets to protest violence against women

Masked demonstrators hold posters against gender violence during a demonstration against domestic violence in Madrid on November 7, 2015. (CURTO DE LA TORRE/AFP/Getty Images)

In Spain’s capital this weekend, tens of thousands of protesters marched to condemn violence against women and gender discrimination. The rally was organized by 380 regional and 70 state-run feminist organizations, who were joined by political and non-government aligned parties, some holding banners that read, “Stop machista violence!” Angela Gonzalez, whose daughter was murdered in 2003 as a result of loopholes in the system that allowed her daughter’s husband to continue the abuse, opened the march with statements.  She explained that too many women in Spain have been murdered by their male partners and since 1995, over 1,390 women have been killed, she said, adding that at least 84 women have been murdered by men so far this year.

Organizers claim 21,000 people took part, including those who traveled to Spain just for the event. In attendance was 34-year-old Miguel Navarro, who said, “It’s essential that we men also take part in this demonstration so that we send a clear message to women, telling them they are not alone in this struggle.”

Read the full story at the BBC and the AP.

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