Brazilian women protest sexual comments directed at 12-year old girl on Twitter


One tweet read: “Does anyone know the Twitter of Valentina? She will date me if she wants it or not.” Another Twitter user wrote: “If she wants it, it’s not paedophilia, IT’S LOVE.” These disturbing messages, directed at Valentina Schulz, a 12-year-old contestant on Brazil’s tv cooking competition “Masterchef Junior,” prompted feminist journalist Juliana de Faria to start tweeting about her own experiences of childhood harassment. Using the hashtag  “#primeiroassedio” (or “first harassment”), many others across Brazil quickly joined in to share stories of the first time they experienced sexual harassment, often at a very young age. “At 11, I was heading to my dance class and a man touched my bottom,” one tweet read. “13 years old. I was going to the supermarket. Heard from a gentleman that I already had ‘beautiful boobs.’ #firstharassment,” said another. With young women and girls sharing harrowing stories like these, the hashtag has already been used more than 90,000 times.

Read the full story at BBC.


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