“White girls only”

Yale fraternity under investigation for denying non-white women to party


Yale’s chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity came under fire this week after a Facebook post from sophomore Neema Githere claimed a member “turned away a group of girls from their party…explaining that admittance was on a ‘White Girls Only’ basis.” Her story was backed by other women, who said the fraternity member working as bouncer for the Halloween party: “He held his hand up to their faces and said, ‘No, we’re only looking for white girls.’” Yale and SAE promptly opened an investigation into the incident, which is one of many into the organization just this year (another intensely racist incident caught on film led to the closure of SAE’s University of Oklahoma branch).

Githere’s story has been disputed by The Daily Beast, though she claims to have experienced a similar incident at an Yale SAE party last year.

Read the full story at Jezebel.


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