Smart accessorizing

Piece of jewelry can save its wearer from a sexual assault

Photo of Athena via Roar for Good

A new device called Athena, being touted as smart jewelry, debuted this week and its function is a welcome one: serving as a small, personal alarm for women who find themselves in danger of being assaulted. The device is a small button that’s able to clip onto clothing or other accessories and has a little button the wearer can push in the event of trouble. When the button is pushed, Athena’s alarm sends a signal to with the wearer’s location to a number of emergency contacts, which are customizable. Yasmine Mustafa, Athena’s creator, said the idea for the device came to her while she was backpacking in South America, but that she didn’t act on it until a woman in her neighborhood in Philadelphia was abducted right outside Mustafa’s apartment and raped. “Every two minutes, a woman is attacked in America,” Mustafa said in an interview with Fast Company. “What can I do?” After 16 months of research and development, Athena was born — and it went on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site, last month. In just a couple of weeks, it’s raised more than $150,000 in investment money. Pretty smart, alright!

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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