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Drop whatever you’re doing right now and listen to this cover of Adele’s “Hello”

By WITW Staff on November 6, 2015

You’ve already listened to Adele’s breakout new single “Hello” (probably like 100 times by now). “Could it get anymore emotionally devastating?” you no doubt wondered by the 98th time you played the song. Well, the answer is yes, it most certainly can. And it has, thanks to the vocal stylings of a high school student from Seoul, South Korea, and a throbbing piano played by one of her fellow students. The two are both clad in their school uniforms. The girl really lets it rip, as Mashable notes, around the 2:25 mark. Watch and listen to the video, which in just one day racked up nearly 900,000 YouTube views, above. The song has been basically sending the world’s population into therapy for the last two weeks, and it’s also inspired several other cover versions. Here’s one of a Leroy Sanchez singing it pretty well — it has 4.6 million views on YouTube. And here’s Beth doing the song some justice as well, a rendition that’s picked up more than 550,000 views on YouTube. Now if cover tunes just aren’t your thing, you can listen to the real McCoy here — Adele’s first live performance of the soul-shattering song.


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