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From the mouths of babes

Cute little boy unable to tell Hillary Clinton a woman can be president

By WITW Staff on November 6, 2015

A cute little boy named Jayden who thinks a woman would make too many “girl rules” as president wasn’t even persuaded that a woman could hold the nation’s highest office by one of the women running for it: Hillary Clinton. Jayden was part of a four-child panel (two boys and two girls) late night host Jimmy Kimmel assembled during his show on Thursday for a discussion on gender and politics. The conversation is as amusing and enlightening on gender attitudes as it is downright funny. When Kimmel questioned Jayden on why a woman couldn’t be president, Jayden explained, “Because girls are actually too girly for boys, and boys are too buff to have girl stuff.” Kimmel pressed Jayden on what he meant by “too buff,” and Jayden responded by gesturing to his shoulders and then saying, “Like six packs …” The girls on the panel got quite a giggle out of that one. But the real payoff came when Kimmel brought out Hillary Clinton and the democratic frontrunner came face to face with the boy who believes a woman can’t be president. Watch above. Things don’t resolve neatly, but Kimmel advises young Jayden that sometimes “Ya gotta try new things.”

Watch the full video above or at the Jimmy Kimmel Live website.