More women than men now own gaming consoles, survey finds

(Emily Berl/The New York Times)

While the stereotype of the young male gamer persists, new research by Pew shows that while 42 percent of adult American women say they own a video game console (like an Xbox or PlayStation), only 37 percent of men do. That’s a surprising change from 2010, when 45 percent of men said they owned a console and only 40 percent of women said they did. Maybe this should come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention: just recently, adult women became the gaming industry’s largest demographic. While some largely attributed this to the rise of smartphones and mobile gaming, these new Pew findings are another indicator of women’s participation in the more traditional gaming industry.

Nevertheless, technology website The Verge also warns that we shouldn’t read too much into those Pew numbers: as consoles aren’t “personal electronic devices”, it is much more likely that someone will say they “own” a console if one person in their household has such a device — but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the one who bought it, or even play console games. But still, let’s just say from all available evidence: a woman likes games just as much as the next guy.

Read the full story at Mic and The Verge.

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