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Mind the gap

In the U.S, women are paid less on all levels and in all industries

By WITW Staff on November 5, 2015

In case anyone still had their doubts: the gender pay gap is very real. A new report by PayScale Inc, shows that on all levels, and in all industries, women in the United States are paid less than men for equal work. The discrepancy is particularly bad for single women with children, who earn the lowest median salary at  $38,200, compared to $46,800 for married mothers, while fathers average $67,900. “Half or more of our workforce is made of women but we are still not progressing at the same level as men,” said Aubrey Bach, senior editorial manager of PayScale Inc.

Their research, which analyzed data from a poll of 1.4 million full-time employees, found that while men saw their pay grade rise until the age of 50 to 55, when they reached a median salary of $75,000, women’s wages plateaued at about $49,000 between 35 to 40 years old.Reasons for the gap are manifold, including the “maternal wall” (companies expect women to leave to take care of their children) and the fact that women negotiate less for salary increases.

Another big reason, according to Bach, is that men and women tend to work in different jobs: “men dominate higher paying jobs, engineering, construction mining, and women dominate jobs like teaching and social work,” she explained. The worst pay gap for women can be found in the mining, quarrying and gas exploration industries, while the difference is the smallest in the technology sector, an industry that unfortunately still employs very few women.

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