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Gender gap

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut called an “interfering b**ch” for making a suggestion on film set

By WITW Staff on November 5, 2015

A popular Bollywood star says she was once chided while on a film set for making a suggestion and told she was “interfering” with the production. Kangana Ranaut, who’s won high praise for taking roles in women-centric films was speaking on a panel at a film festival in when she told a troubling story about an experience she once had while shooting a film. Ranaut, 28, told the audience she was shocked at the cold response she got from filmmakers when she tried to offered some input. “My contribution is seen as interference. But when a male actor, who is this maverick, larger-than-life person, does the same thing it is not considered that way. I was called an interfering b***h,” Ranaut said. She also spoke out about the pronounced pay gap between the genders in Bollywood, saying that “we get five per cent of what our male counterparts get.”

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