Generation gap

There’s one divisive issue that Millennials and their grandparents actually agree on

(Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)


As the culture wars in the U.S. continue, one issue endures as one of the most divisive in the country: abortion. But in what might be a surprising twist to some, the issue of abortion is one that’s bridging a wide generation gap, according to a new survey of 35,000 Americans conducted by Pew Research. Abortion is about as divisive as it was generations ago, but the age-groups who most strongly oppose it are Millennials and those from their grandparents’ generation. Over all, a little more than half of those surveyed believe abortion should be legal in all circumstances, a figure that has been largely stagnant over the last eight years. Additionally, the survey showed, support for abortion in all circumstances actually declined a bit among some religious groups. The survey also revealed some interesting trends on Americans’ attitudes toward homosexuality and religion.

Read the full story at Vocativ and read the full survey at Pew.

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