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Instagram star Essena O’Neill shuts down account, launches gender-equality and veganism site


Essena O’Neill, the 18-year-old Instagram star who spoke out about the detrimental effects of prowling for likes on social media, has shut down her Instagram account. The Australian teen caused a media firestorm after she rewrote the captions on her photos to reveal how she had pursued the perfect picture to the point of obsession, sometimes taking more than 100 shots to “look hot for Instagram.” Now that she has quit social media, O’Neill has launched a site called, which purports to promote such disparate causes as “gender equality,” “plant-based nutrition,” and “controversial art.” Visitors to the site have the option of donating money to O’Neill, who has said that since she decided to stop promoting brands on Instagram, she “can’t afford [her] own real life.” The website also boasts poems and an essay on social media addiction by O’Neill, along with links to videos about veganism and ethical fashion. O’Neill also recently posted a video titled “LET’S TALK ABOUT SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME, please,” under which she wrote: “Who cares about my personal past, miss use of words”— oh, the irony—“or crying teen [sic]. LETS TALK ABOUT THE TOPICS AT HAND.”

Read more at The Guardian.


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