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Breaking taboos

Hillary Clinton promises to make gun control central to her campaign

By WITW Staff on November 4, 2015

At a campaign event at Grinnell College in Iowa on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton made it clear that she would make the once-sensitive issue of gun control and reducing gun violence central to her presidential campaign. “Thirty-three thousand people a year die from something,” she told the crowd. “Shame on us if we don’t respond.” While the issue of gun control was often taboo in previous Democratic campaigns, Clinton has increasingly embraced it since the mass shooting of nine black churchgoers in Charleston in June. At an earlier campaign event in Iowa on Tuesday, she vowed to take on the NRA and said she would make gun control “a voting issue” for Democrats — as motivating as it is for Republicans. Her policy proposals include expanding background checks and closing online and gun-show loopholes, as well as closing the “Charleston loophole.” This refers to a loophole in the law which says a gun dealer can sell a weapon without completed check if a background check takes more than 72 hours to complete — and how the Charleston shooter was able to buy a firearm despite having a criminal record. This is one of the issues where Clinton is actually to the left of her main opponent, Bernie Sanders, who represents a rural state with some of the nation’s most lenient gun laws and has often voted against increasing gun control.

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