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Rachel Dolezal finally admits she was “biologically born white”

By WITW Staff on November 3, 2015

Rachel Dolezal, the former president of the Spokane NAACP who ignited a national controversy back in June when it was revealed that she was falsely claiming to be African-American and eventually forced to resign, has finally admitted she was “born white.” The revelation came during an interview on daytime talk-show The Real, whose hosts — all women of color — pressed her on the issue.  “Why not give me the right to identify how I identify? I think we’re all entitled to be exactly who we are and to identify as such,” Dolezal told the hosts. She then admitted:  “I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black,” causing the audience to erupt in applause. She explained that she started “self-identifying” as black in 2006, and that police officers will mark her race as “black” on traffic tickets. When asked what “being black” means to her in that case, she said: “sometimes how we feel is more powerful than how we’re born, and blackness can be defined as philosophical, cultural, biological, you know, it’s a lot of different things to a lot of different people.”

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