Anatomy of a protest

Vagina-faced woman hits the subways of New York City to protest period shaming

A woman wearing an admittedly anatomically incorrect vagina mask has been traveling the New York City subway system handing out tampons and posting homemade signs to protest a recent controversy over ads for a company that sells a product for women to wear while having their period. Last month, controversy erupted when ads for Thinx underwear came under extra scrutiny for being overly suggestive, even though they met the MTA’s advertisement guidelines. The ads were originally denied and then, following an uproar on social media, approved. After the ads were approved, however, the chairman of the MTA weighed in on the controversy. “They offended me,” Thomas Prendergast reportedly said. And that offended Yeni Sleidi, who was inspired to dream up a creative form of protest. She told Mashable, “The ads for Thinx underwear were approved, but the head of the MTA still stated that he personally found them offensive. Well, I’m offended that something as natural as menstruation is stigmatized, and that it’s considered taboo to speak about it.” She went on to criticize the abundance of ads on the transit system — for plastic surgery and weight loss diets — that she says are aimed at making women feel inadequate, and added, “Women bleed out of their vaginas, have body hair and take giant sh**s. And it’s all natural. Get over it and let us live.”

Read the full story at Mashable.

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