The .01 percent

U.S. only ranks 2nd in the world in self-made women billionaires

Zhang Xin, one of China's female billionaires. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

For having a reputation of being the economic leader of the free world, the United States certainly has an impressive number of self-made women billionaires, according to data analyzed by The Independent. There are 15 women who enjoy a net worth of more than $1 billion — fortunes they created themselves rather than those bestowed on them by wealthy parents or relatives. But, the U.S. doesn’t even come close to ranking first in the world in that category. That distinction goes to China, which has more than three times as many self-made women billionaires than the U.S. China is home to 49 self-made women billionaires whose total wealth amounts to a whopping $95.4 billion. In total, the U.S. and China account for 64 of the world’s 73 self-made women billionaires. The remaining nine hail from six other nations.

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