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Los Angeles’ lesbian feminist house of horrors

By WITW Staff on October 30, 2015

Visitors hoping to enjoy the immersive installation Killjoy’s Kastle, in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, should hurry. The lesbian feminist house of horrors is shutting up shop on Friday night.

First staged in Toronto in 2013, by artists Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell, the L.A. iteration of this decidedly tongue-in-cheek celebration of radical feminism includes an Intersectional Activist boxing with giant, swinging tampons that represent capitalism, colonialism, transphobia and more, and a Riot Ghoul and Gender Studies Professor Dance Party one must participate in to proceed to the next room, while critical performers brandishing classic feminist tomes shriek, “She hasn’t READ that?!”

Also on site, the Graveyard of Dead Feminist-Lesbian Ideas and the Day-Glo lair of the Lesbian Feminist Internet Troll, plus a “Daddy Tank,” modeled on the segregated holding cells for butch women and gender nonconforming people utilized from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Entry to the venue is via a vagina dentata and the bathrooms are labeled Oppressed and Oppressor (with surprises in store.) At the end of the experience, each visitor is asked to sit on a white blood-stained stool and explore their feelings with a probing volunteer — the true killjoys of the Kastle, writes a Daily Beast contributor who took the tour. “Please state your name, your desired pronoun, your sexual orientation, and a word to describe your experience,” asks the feminist confessor.

A Huffington Post reviewer deemed it “high camp, super-smart [and] ultimately loving.”

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