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Carly confab becomes naked nightmare

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Appearing before an association of aspiring one-percenters earlier this month in Miami, Carly Fiorina seemed perfectly at home. The candidate was on hand to to address the convention of the Young Presidents Association, an organization that describes itself as the world’s premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders. Its members are restricted to CEOs and chairmen of major companies under 45, eight percent of whom are women. Fiorina, who has previously come under fire for the sizable speaking fees she has collected on the campaign trail, was reportedly scheduled to earn around $48,000 apiece for two forthcoming similar gigs, which she claims she’s donating to charity.

After the speech, attendees in blonde bobs and bespoke suits swarmed the tough-talking candidate, collecting autographs and snapping selfies. But it wasn’t until Fiorina had parted that the festivities really started. At an event the next day, guests seemed unperturbed by lingerie-clad women with hula hoops commandeering the stage. Also present, a troupe of mostly nude models sauntered through the crowd, each covered only by a G-string and carrying paint palettes, inviting guests to paint them in different colors. As it turned out, the cast of nude girls were part of the night’s entertainment, a provocative choice that had some of the club’s female members and guests seeing red. “YPO program in FL included many women, but only 1 could make watching paint dry interesting,” tweeted Alison Levine, a speaker and attendee at the event. A chorus of other angry tweets followed, leading red-faced YPO CEO to issue an apology the next day for the group’s “lapse in judgement.” No word on whether Fiorina approved of the art.

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