Eye for an eye?

13-year-old girl in India accused of killing her alleged rapist’s young son

(Nicholas Kristof/The New York Times)

An unnamed teenage girl in India has been accused of kidnapping, beheading and burning the body of a 5-year-old boy — the son of her alleged rapist, a man identified only by the name Rinku. According to the Times of India, citing a statement from the girl to the police, the murder came as an act of revenge after Rinku allegedly lured her with the promise of whitener (to which she is addicted) before raping her on October 18. The 13-year-old is believed to have led the boy from his village of Khair, in north India, while he was at play before committing the grisly killing. She has been sent to a juvenile detention center while both the rape and murder cases are investigated.

In a healthy dose of victim-blaming, Circle Officer OP Singh made a statement to the press about the two cases. “There are certain things that need to be kept in mind — the girl is a drug addict and has often got into scuffles with people over minor issue … Her mother is unwell and father a laborer, she is coming from a very poor family background. There is no family discipline either. She has been spotted consuming drugs. A fair inquiry will be done.”

Read the full story at the Times of India.

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