Safety concerns

Woman “freezes to death” during popular beauty treatment


An aesthetician in Las Vegas died last week during cryotherapy, triggering safety concerns about a treatment that promises to burn calories, diminish pain, boost the immune system, and stave off the effects of aging. The body of Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, 24, was found inside a cryotherapy chamber at the Rejuvenice spa where she worked.

According to the company’s website, “the Cryochamber is a multi-person walk-in device which exposes the patient’s entire body to hypercooled room-air.” The device can reach temperatures of minus-240 degrees Fahrenheit and is “equipped with numerous safety features [plus] doors are never locked, which allows clients to stop treatment instantaneously at any time,” according to the site.

After working an evening shift on October 19, Ake-Salvacion had stayed to give herself a session. She was discovered the next day by her colleague and friend Elise Iverson. The official cause of Ake-Salvacion’s death has not been determined, but Ake-Salvacion’s uncle said the coroner had told him his niece’s body was found “rock-hard solid.” Hailey Cap, office manager of Rejuvenice, told the New York Times that she and other workers at the spa would often use the cryochambers, but never alone. “It’s like going into an operating room with no help and operating on yourself probably not a good strategy,” University Medical Center’s Chief of Staff Dale Carrison said.  “Unfortunately she paid for it with her life.”

The Washington Post reports that two of the salons, including the one where Ake-Salvacion died, have subsequently been shut down by the state of Nevada.

Read the full story at the The Washington Post.

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