Salem trials

Witch takes “best-known warlock” to court claiming harassment

Christian Day, who claims he's the "world's best-known warlock," is being accused by Salem witch Lori Sforza of harassment. (Facebook)

In a case that seems tailor-made for the Halloween season, a witch priestess from Salem, Massachusetts, is taking a warlock to court, accusing him of harassment.

Lori Sforza, 75, who runs a witchcraft store and founded a pagan church, has filed for protection against harassment from “world’s best-known warlock” Christian Day, 45, claiming he harassed her online and via telephone for three years. The hearing was originally scheduled for Wednesday but continued so an attorney standing in for Day’s lawyer could be filled in. “She’s being abused, intimidated and harassed,” claimed Sforza’s attorney Liore Porreca.

Day is shown in court papers as living in Louisiana, but is well-known in Salem for creating the city’s Festival of the Dead in 2003, which includes a psychic and witchcraft fair and culminates annually in the Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball on October 31.

Sforza and Day were once business associates in Salem, Porreca said. The pair also made headlines in 2011 when they cast spells together with the aim of healing actor Charlie Sheen, who had called himself a “Vatican assassin warlock” during an interview on national television.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.

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